Why Pathview Wealth Advisors?

At Pathview Wealth Advisors our goal is to be stewards for your own financial journey.

Part of our approach to serving your financial needs is to also help you enjoy life during the journey towards meeting your immediate and long-term goals. Life is an adventure, and we’re here to help advise you through the various milestones and stages of your life.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. We would love to meet you and show you firsthand our exceptional service, dedication, expertise, and commitment to putting your best interests first. Contact us to learn more.

Of course, “the proof is in the pudding” as they say. We look forward to showing you firsthand our exceptional service, dedication, expertise, and commitment to putting your best interests first. Contact us to learn more and grab your own bowl of pudding.

Who We Are


Work with a team of fiduciary experts who are integrity driven and legally obligated to do what is right for you.

TAX Planning Centric

Alleviate the burden of tax by allowing experts to manage your investments tax-efficiently.

Team Approach

One firm, working as a team, to support all your financial planning, investment, tax planning and tax return needs.

Sustainability Driven

Sustainable investing strategically aligns the success of your investments with that of our planet.

Forward Thinking

Using the latest in financial planning and investment strategies, we’re always looking towards the future.

Community Minded

We support our community and the betterment of society through volunteerism and the boards we serve on.

What We Believe

We Believe In Planning For The Long Term

Having a long-term investment approach with proper asset allocation and portfolio diversification is crucial for helping you reach your goals and live the future of your dreams.

Stay on course with strategic financial planning and wealth management approach

We Believe In Reducing Taxes

Tax-efficient investing strategies such as location optimization, tax loss harvesting, and charitable giving reduces your taxes to keep more of your investment returns in your pocket.
Strategies for reducing taxes

We Believe In Reducing Costs

Trading at the household level rather than replicating trades in all accounts reduces trading fees for our clients. And because we’re an independent firm, we can choose funds with lower expense ratios for our clients.
Reducing costs: trading fees, spending, expense ratios

We Believe In Sustainable Practices

We strive to be socially and environmentally conscious at every level. We take pride in our larger efforts to forward sustainability through our own responsible corporate practices. Operations at Pathview include reuse and recycling mandates, electronic communications rather than printed documents when possible, work-from-home opportunities, employee incentives for green initiatives, and more.
Sustainable Business Practices

We Believe In Giving Back

We enjoy seeking opportunities to give our time and resources to various causes in our community.

Giving back to our community includes volunteer board memberships, corporate-sponsored days off for employee volunteering, charitable donations, and participation in other community building opportunities.

Giving back to our community

Spotlights on our Team

Ready to Talk?

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