What Exactly Is Sustainable Finance?


Sustainable finance as a practice has largely been driven by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) as well as the European Commission’s Sustainable Finance agenda and their Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which now requires EU asset-management companies to provide information about their investments’ environmental, social, and governance risks as well as their impact on society and the planet.

While the United Nations and European Commission agendas are primarily focused on environmental sustainability, ESG investing is at the forefront for advancing sustainable finance objectives and provides a foundation and standards for ESG analysis and equity valuation.

European Commission’s video about Sustainable Finance:

Is Sustainable Finance the same as ESG?

Not exactly.

Think of sustainable finance as an umbrella that covers ESG investing, but also covers financial decisions driving greater sustainability in general. Sustainable finance goes beyond ESG considerations to include anything organizations are doing to improve their social responsibility performance, such as community involvement or supply chain support and development for example.

What it means For Our Clients

ESG Investing

At Pathview Wealth Advisors we support sustainable finance initiatives through our use of ESG analysis for our clients’ investments.

ESG investing provides our clients the greatest opportunity for risk management and improved performance, while simultaneously supporting sustainability and the betterment of world.

Pathview Wealth Advisors’ approach to ESG investing is quite simply to properly value companies based on company-specific information regarding their environmental, social, and governance characteristics. This ESG analysis, in practice, adds another layer to traditional fundamental analysis; helping to identify investment opportunities better positioned to deliver positive returns.

What it means To Us

Pathview Wealth Advisors Corporate Responsibility Commitment

We believe in a better world, and strive to be socially and environmentally conscious at every level. In addition to our focus on ESG investing for our clients, we take pride in our larger efforts to forward sustainability through our own responsible corporate practices such as:

Sustainable Operations

Operations at Pathview Wealth Advisors include reuse and recycling mandates, electronic communications rather than printed documents when possible, work-from-home opportunities, employee incentives for green initiatives, and more.

Team Diversity/Inclusion

We embrace diversity in our hiring and management practices. Team members are treated with respect and inclusion, and we celebrate each other’s individuality and the unique contributions they bring to Pathview Wealth Advisors .

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination

Clientele from all walks of life are welcome and treated equally regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, disability, religion, or nationality.

Team Building

Our team building and family get-togethers help create and nurture integrity, respect, understanding, and compassion towards each other and our clients.

Community Building

We give back to our community through corporate-sponsored days off for employee volunteering, charitable donations, and participation in other community building opportunities.


Continuous education and training are fundamental to how we stay apprised of the latest in sustainable finance, regulations and responsible social and environmental practices.

A Sustainable Future Depends On Us All

Learn more about sustainable finance and start investing with professionals demonstrating sustainable and responsible business practices today. Contact us to discuss ESG investing and how our services as stewards for sustainable finance can help ensure economic value in your sustainable investments.

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